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Less Is More!

Okay, how did I quickly put this blog on the back burner?! One thing I preach all the time is taking care of number one, and honestly I am very unapologetic on the way I love on myself and how available i make myself to people. I appreciate and value myself enough to say no to certain things, Sorry not sorry y'all.

As you all may know I record a weekly podcast (On This Frequency), I have a full time job, I have created this baby along with my small business Primavera Color Limon, I have a loving husband and pets that all require my love and attention.

So how does one even begin to make time for themselves? I hate to admit that time management is crucial if you want to meet goals, but I'm also going to emphasize the need to create time blocks and even weekend blocks for YOURSELF. So let me tell you a little bit about what that has looked like for me recently.

I had my first vendor market for Primavera Color Limon Mid August, and had one of my sisters help me work the event. I gotta say it went absolutely great! but being out in the heat, talking to people all day, commuting, setting up for the day is a lot of work and I'm super grateful that I had my sister to support me. After that event I headed to the desert for a bachelorette weekend for a dear friend of mine. I needed that weekend Soooo bad!! We laid poolside and had some very real conversations about being married, raising babies, reparenting ourselves and our parents, remembering our younger selves, and you know what? All of that was fueling and healing for me. I'm grateful for my girlfriends and the bond that we have... I love you babes!!

Now, having this new business means that I have to let people know that I exist in the world, so I was able to book several vendor market events for the month of September, leaving me a weekend off mid month.

I had brunch with a friend who knew of an event going on mid month and thought I might be interested. As quickly as I inquired, I decided not to sign up for it, because I am completely aware of my capacity and knew that I would be drained if I added that to my plate. So I went to my planner and blocked that particular weekend for myself. I let my husband know that I would not be lifting a finger that weekend, no cleaning, no errands, nothing but fueling my soul with yoga, meditation, a book and who knows I might binge some Netflix.

I have this business that I need to tend to but if I don't take the time to love on myself then it will show through my endeavors and what I want for my business, my podcast, and my personal life. I intend to live a life that is genuine, authentic, and filled with real love, the kind that doesn't feel forced and exhausting.

So friends what I'm trying to say is, don't feel bad for taking a day off, don't feel guilty for the laundry not getting done or the house not being squeaky clean, but most importantly don't compare yourself to others' idea of "work hard." I've learned that this concept of grinding day and night has been damaging to my soul, because I've created unrealistic goals for myself, then beating myself up for not reaching them. After trying to fill my plate with things to accomplish I realized that, in creating goals I wasn't taking into consideration all of the essentials of life like running errands, feeding oneself, house work, commuting, family time etc. etc. etc.

Do what feels right for your lifestyle and don't be in such a hurry that you forget to ENJOY THE PROCESS.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu

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