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Somethings' Gotta Change

So what's up with this blog, you may ask... Well I often wonder about humanity and where we are headed with our societal conditioning. I have a corporate job in banking, and as the days pass I feel further and further away from myself, and that's why I decided to create this blog.

I don't think I'm alone in feeling that there has to be more out there that defines us besides our job. I replay over in my head situations where I introduce myself to new faces by stating my job title and how long I've been in the industry and that conversation carries longer than necessary… and hear me out, there's nothing wrong with that if you love what you do, but why do we have such bland conversations about ourselves, where the foundation is a career?! what about what I do outside of work, my interests in music, art, culture, the breakfast sandwich I made this morning, the stars in the sky...ANYTHING ELSE WOULD DO! (maybe I've watched Eat Pray Love too many times lol).

I want to leave behind the corporate life… at least that's how I feel about it today, but I have to get my money right. This pandemic really lit a fire under my ass to get out of debt quickly and start living below my means. This pandemic has also showed me what I'm no longer willing to take and truly create the future that i want for myself.

I started buying plants as a coping mechanism for the stress i was feeling during the gov't lockdown, then came the podcast On This Frequency hosted by myself and my sister in law, available wherever you get your podcasts!

And most recently came this blog and the creation of my small business, Primavera Color Limon, where I make handcrafted Sage and Palo Santo bundles for cleansing and manifesting. I also intend to sale indoor house plants through my business, because as a plant mom there are so many natural healing benefits to owning plants and I want to share that with my community, so I'll be dropping plant care tips here.

I don't want to overthink the purpose of this blog and my reasons for writing, it will evolve into whatever it needs to (grow with me kinda thing, ya know?!)

So with this blog I give you my mindset, some motivation, or at the very least a book recommendation!

Happy Reading!

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